Bespoke Barbering and grooming

Its barbering only better!

Master Barber with over 25 years' experience in the trade.

Well, I may be called the traditional barber, but rest assured gents, modern cuts are my speciality....Fades aren't new, its just simple blending...Make sure you get it done right!

Different is good. Do you want to look the same as everyone else? Show your own style and break out of the stereotype.

No gimmicks, no freebies, no tribal patterns (so 90's) and definitely no un-faded lines around the back of your head (I mean really why would you?)

Just excellent quality haircuts and banter (debatable)..make yourself look the best you possibly can!

We proudly stock the Vines Vintage range of hair and shave products.

Haircutting - Shaving - Grooming

Gillespie's Gentleman's Barbershop


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About me;

Passionate about the detail!

Having diversified over the years, in 2015 I decided to return full time to one of two of my life's passions...barbering.

i just love the attention to detail. I simply thrive on producing the perfect fades; the blending has to be precise. I love lining out features using my trusty open razors and showing off the cleanest, crispest beard and neck lines.

And my other passion? Well you can ask me about that when you're in the chair!

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